Hit Reset


I have been working on my blog for about the past two years and it’s been a huge learning curve. Some months I have been good, getting out posts and trying to build my following, but quite a few months I’ve not done what I’ve supposed to and as a result I have fallen behind. This can’t happen anymore.

This is why I’ve decided to revamp my blog. Like I said in my post a few days ago, expect different types of posts like excerpts, review, teasers and a lot of other book related posts. I want to get closer to and have a lot more interaction with my followers, so guys comment and send me messages. Let me know what you think of my posts. If you have any suggestion then drop me a line as well and let me know what you are interested in and what you want to see more of.

I look forward to hearing from you.🙂

Happy New Year


Happy New Year to my amazing followers.


A new year is starting and I’m so excited for what is to come. I have been thinking and planning for the last few weeks and I’m eager to say I’ve come to the decision to make several changes to my blog and I hope you enjoy the new format I’m coming up with.

Look out for more Excerpts, a few Reviews, Opt-Ins that lead to some naughty stuff you are sure to enjoy, Teasers and more. I’m working on creating a solid plan and I’m eager to start putting it in place. As the changes some into play, let me know what you think. I can’t wait to hear.

Advent Calendar for Grownups


Once again this year I’m taking part in the Advent Calendar for Grown-ups. It is hosted by the amazing Alexandra Iff and every day you can discover a snippet provided by an amazing author.

You can subscribe to the newsletter and receive them directly in your email.
http://alexandraiff.com/2016/11/advent-calendar-grownups/ or simply check out her website.

So everyone, take the opportunity to enjoy  the HOT SNIPPETS in the Advent Calendar for Grown-ups, published daily in the month of December 2016 and discover and share it with your friends so they can enjoy them as well.

About Whimpers of Pleasure Books 1-5

The cover of my next book is out and now it’s time to give you my amazing followers a bit more. Here are the blurbs for the stories to come. Five short stories with lots of sexy action to keep you eager for more.


Whimpers of Pleasure Books 1-5

Sometimes the pleasure is too much…but if you are brave enough dive right in. Discover five sensual stories of women who didn’t think the pleasure was too much and took the chance to be with the men who caused them to make countless Whimpers of Pleasure.

Whimpers of Pleasure Book 1 – Baby Don’t Scream

Darius decides to spend the night at his girlfriend Leila’s apartment after going out with the boys and enters her room to discover her pleasuring herself. He teases her about the show she has just put on and asks to see more. Leila wants nothing more than to indulge her sexy boyfriend, but the problem is, she is a screamer and her landlord told her that she would be out with the next noise complaint. The need is just too much and they take the risk. Now all they have to do is to make sure Leila doesn’t scream.

Whimpers of Pleasure Book 2 – The Touch of Metal

Vicki hired Jace to make a metal sculpture for her garden but seeing him every day causes her to spin the most outrageous fantasies about him. He is distracting her from her work. Taking him a cooling drink leads to the discovery of a unique sex toy mixed in with his tools and intrigued, she requests a demonstration of its use. When Jace unleashes his unique brand of sex play on her, Vicki must admit that he has her hooked.

Whimpers of Pleasure Book 3 – Intimate Lessons

Heath is Gabrielle’s best friend, but she takes the plunge and asks him for lessons – sex lessons. Reluctantly, he agrees, and what starts with a kiss, leads to so much more, because Heath has liked Gabrielle since he met her. That afternoon he teaches her what it is like to dive into the deep end and let pleasure take her away.

Whimpers of Pleasure Book 4 – Master Wanted

Zarina needs a new master, but not even the advertisement she placed on the BDSM site she was a member of seems to be working. Lynx spotted the most intriguing ad on the BDSM site he was a member of, and could not get the image of the woman out if his head. When she walks right pass him one night at a club, Lynx follows, determined to show her that he is the master she needs.

Whimpers of Pleasure Book 5 – You are Ours

After a very long dry spell, Evlin finally started going out again after she yielded to the appeal of her former co-worker Jace. She was taking it slow but she bothered by his continued habit bringing along his friend Rafi. Then to her shock, she discovered the reason behind the two of them always being there. They both wanted to be her lover…at the same time. Thrown into the possibility to be being with two men, Evlin discovers what it is like to be at the center of unrestrained pleasure.

Look for Whimpers of Pleasure Books 1-5 on the 10th November at Amazon. Teasers and sneak peeks coming soon.

The Back and Forth



Reading and writing to get it right.


Things have been crazy this week as I have been trying to get so many things done and as a result, I’m a little late getting my post out. Right now, I’m working on a new story and having an amazing time creating it. Also, while I’m doing that, I’ve been editing my next story that I plan to release soon. Both of these projects have been going well and I’m really happy with the progress I’m making.

When it comes to the new story that is where I’m having the most fun. It’s allowing me to create new worlds and play with my characters while I try to make sure everything is right. During this process, several times I have had to step back and place myself in the position of the reader. Switching between reader and writer allows me to ask, is this story unfolding correctly or is there something missing?

That is the thing about writing. I have all the answers in my head and as I write a scene I reveal information bit by bit, but I may not have told the readers the right thing or anything at all in the past about what I’m revealing. This can happen just because I made my character say one thing and not the other. The result is that what I have just laid out has raised questions that I have not even considered in my plot. It then results in going back and making sure if I mention something, the item it refers to is correct. If not, I know I will be giving my readers more questions than answers.

It’s a fine line that I enjoy learning to balance better and better every day. The back and forth needed to make sure that I’m giving the readers the answers they need while still trying to keep the mystery for a big reveal. With each new story, I aim to get better and make sure I give my readers the story they deserve.